About Us

Ali Shah is a saga narrated through the toil and skill of the Kashmir artisans, whose daily lives are all about keeping the chronicle alive.

Representing a guild of Kashmiri Artisane (Craftswomen), Ali Shah is a culminating vision of brothers united by an heirloom family thread. It is an exhibition of life displayed through the judicious use of nature's offerings beautified by the human skill.

Our penchant for paragon and focus on fashioning creations that cater to the artistic sagacity of the connoisseurs make us as its proclaimed heralds in Kashmir. By developing handmade merchandise in our home-state, we at Ali Shah ensure that the ethos, culture, and related attributes which our products are a comely representation of, are not lost to the vogue.

Peerless,exquisite, matchless & lasting is how most of our global clientèle describe our products and it is this appreciation that helps us to keep the caravan going.